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This page contains a link to It does not intend to violate any copyrighted work of that site. I, C.Syde just wanted to create a portal to that site and the world times. For the benefit of myself and others.

Want to know what the time is in someone else's country? Want to know the current time in your country? Click here to find out the time in a certain part of the world now! Or click one of the following links below!

Flag: Country: Time:
Flag New Zealand
New Zealand Current Time
Flag of Fiji
Fiji Current Time
Flag Australia
Australia Current Time (New South Wales)
Flag of Japan
Japan Current Time
Flag Indonesia
Indonesia Current Time (Central Indonesia)
Flag of the People s Republic of China
China Current Time
Flag of South Africa
Africa Current Time (South Africa)
Flag of Romania
Romania Current Time
Flag netherlands
Netherlands Current Time
Flag of Germany
Germany Current Time
Flag of Poland
Poland Current Time
Flag of Austria
Austria Current Time
Flag of France
France Current Time
UTC / GMT Current Time
Flag of the United Kingdom
United Kingdom Current Time
Flag united states america
United States Current Time (New York City)