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The Unborn Baby Monty could have been the third child of Claudio and Olivia Monty. Unfortunately, Olivia died in her third trimester, which means the baby also died.

If Olivia is resurrected using cheats, or by using the Resurrect-O-Nomitron, genie lamp, or a witch spell, it can be discovered that the pregnancy is simply a mesh. So, for Olivia and Claudio to have the third baby, the player must resurrect both of them, and have Olivia and Claudio try for another baby.

If a third child is conceived, it will always be born with black hair, brown eyes, and medium skin.[1]


  1. Claudio's alleles for black hair will always be dominant over Olivia's alleles for blonde hair. While Olivia's alleles for brown eyes will always be dominant over Claudio's alleles for light blue eyes. Since both parents have dominant and recessive alleles for medium skin, if a third child is conceived, it will always have medium skin.

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