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Unborn Baby Broke is the son of Brandi Broke and the late Skip Broke. He has two older brothers named Dustin and Beau Broke. Brandi is pregnant with him when first playing the Broke family in Pleasantview.

Genetics Mystery

There is a small mystery about the genetics of Brandi Broke's unborn son. Exiting without saving and re-doing the birth will not change the look of the baby. It will always have black hair and look very much like Brandi. This is because, technically, the baby has no father, only a mother (Brandi), and gets all its genetics from Brandi - so, the appearance of the baby will be grey eyes, black hair, etc., but it will still be male.

This sort of "cloning" always produces the opposite sex in The Sims 2, which is why the baby is always male, even though a baby's gender is normally determined at birth. This is also seen if the Tombstone of Life and Death is used to make a Sim pregnant by him or herself.

In Brandi's memories, the order of the baby's conception and Skip's death don't quite fit in properly, so it appears as if the baby was conceived after Skip died. Skip is set as the father, but his character file is unlinked, so the baby only gets Brandi's genetics. Editing Skip's character file with the program SimPE so that he is no longer unlinked, if done before the baby is born, will result in the baby being born with the genetics of both Brandi and Skip and having a chance of being female.


  • There is a theory for Brandi's pregnancy after Skip's death. Brandi and Dustin have memories of the death of unresurrectable Skip, but no memory of death of the baby's father. It's possible that resurrectable Skip died later.
  • Some players consider him to be the half-brother of Dustin and Beau, as they consider his older brothers to be the sons of the unresurrectable Skip.
  • While his zodiac sign is determined at birth, there is a high chance that he will have the Libra zodiac sign when he is born.