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    So, me and C.Syde had over on the World of Cars Wiki been talking about some stuff involving the NPC Piston Cup Racers of Cars: The Video Game until I was blocked for posting a hate message on some guy's wall. So I later found this wiki and decided to continue the discussion, and as he told me to come to this section, i'll be posting it here. His wiki, his rules.

    So, anyways, i've recently obtained a used Xbox 360 copy of the game, and my primary intention, is to mod the game. One idea is to be able to change which cars are faster and slower (I may have mentioned this). This way, we can obtain all the leftover icons and maybe more info regarding things such as their AI programming and which voice belongs to which car (which I have found out differs in each race). If you read my progress over on the Cars Video Game Modding Wiki, you can see that I am currently unsuccessful due to a .pak file sitting in the way.

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    • Well, hopefully you'll be unblocked from the World of Cars Wiki, even if you do have to wait until your block expires. It's been 20 days since you posted this, but I didn't respond to it until now. I don't know why, but I just didn't. I don't really know much about modding the Cars Video Games, but I wish you luck, and I wish myself luck, if I ever learn how to do it myself.

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    • Well, i've actually changed plans since then. Teancum, the head of Cars Video Game Modding Wiki, told me that you can't mod the Xbox 360 version of the game due to being unable to repack the .pak files and that the file extensions were too big. Around the same time, a user named Adro14 posted a picture of Boost being played as in a road race on the PC version of the game, I then asked how he did it, and he made a written-out tutorial. I now have the PC game on order from Amazon, it should arrive sometime between now and 7/26/2016. I'll post some pictures once I have some working mods going.

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