A portion of the vocals from The Beatles' song "Sun King" (primarily written by John Lennon, but credited to Lennon-McCartney) was included as a reversed a capella in the track titled "Gnik Nus" for the 2006 album Love. An instrumental section of "Sun King" was also used at the end of the track "Octopus's Garden" on the compilation.

But what if you used a digital audio workstation program (e.g. Adobe Audition), took the original album version of "Sun King" from Abbey Road and reversed it? You have the original unreleased album version of "Gnik Nus".


Original album version of Sun King (backwards) lyrics:

Lesuorac etinac euq ohcumatnat odagirba otseuq
Losaraq idrev eccic eroma im izzarapap odnum
nohtarac ecilef ed eroma im ohcumarap odnauq

Gnik nus eht semoc ereh
Yppah s'ydobyreve
Gnihgual s'ydobyreve
Gnik nus eht semoc ereh
Gnik nus eht semoc ereh


  • I used Adobe Audition to play the original album version of the song "Sun King" backwards in February 2010. I was probably not the first to do this, and I certainly wasn't the last.