The Talk Button is a script originally written by Lil 'Miss Rarity, and published on the Wikia Developers wiki in 2016. The purpose of the script is to add talk page buttons to pages on wikis with article comments enabled. Due to the nature of the script, it is primarily intended for Site-Wide use, but can be used for Personal use, although it isn't recommended for inexperienced users to use this feature for personal use, since it can result in unwanted consequences if used on wikis that don't actively use article talk pages.

C.Syde's Wiki - Talk Button

An example of what the editor drop-down of C.Syde's Wiki looks like with the talk button link added.

Since the wiki redesign in June 2017, to avoid being made into a personal script, the talk button was reluctantly added to the module rail, above the modules but below the page separator. However it was eventually allowed to be added to the drop-down, and thus the need to install it as a gadget is no longer required.

Site-wide System for Non-Site-wide Features on C.Syde's Wiki

Because certain article pages on C.Syde's Wiki - along with their respective talk pages - are not designed for use of article comments for general discussion in large part, the comments sections of those article pages are to be used to discuss and share personal thoughts and opinions on the articles only. Any other activity, such as sharing any results from using the features of the pages are to take place on the article talk pages.

Discussions for improvements to those pages along with their parent article pages are to be taken place on the parent article's talk pages. Incorrect usage of article comments on those pages will result in deletion of those article comments. The posted article comments will be transferred over to the talk pages of those articles. The user will also receive a notification about the said pages are meant to be used. It was until more recently recommended that users added the content to their wikia.js page to use the script in its intended form.