A basic list of some of the finest symbols that are not found on the keyboard. However in practice a couple of the symbols listed here actually are found on the keyboard.

(More symbols can be found here)

Symbol: Symbol Name:
٭ Arabic Five Pointed Star
Ballot X
Beamed Eighth Notes
Black Club Suit
Black Diamond Suit
Black Heart Suit
Black Spade Suit
© Copyright Sign
¢ Cent Sign
Check Mark
÷ Division Sign
Downwards Arrow
Eighth Note
Female Sign
¿ Inverted Question Mark
é Latin Small Letter E with Acute
Leftwards Arrow
Male Sign
× Multiplication Sign
Pilcrow Sign
\ Reverse Solidus
Rightwards Arrow
Right Single Quotation Mark
§ Section Sign
Subscript Eight
Subscript Five
Subscript Four
Subscript Nine
Subscript One
Subscript Seven
Subscript Six
Subscript Three
Subscript Two
Subscript Zero
Upwards Arrow
| Vertical Line
White Smiling Face
White Sun with Rays


  • The Right Single Quotation Mark can be found on keyboard but on the internet is is usually replaced with the Apostrophe.
  • The Verticle Line and Reverse Solidus actually can be found on the keyboard. They were just two of the symbols that I just coincidentally didn't realise were on the keyboard all along, in all my life using the keyboard. Now that I know, it's going to make things a hell of a lot easier! :P

You may add more symbols to the list, as long as they aren't symbols that can simply be typed up using the keyboard. Please add the name of the symbol, below the symbol itself, and please keep the symbols in alphabetical order.

Do not vandalise this page or do anything else that demonstrates bad faith. Otherwise you may be blocked from editing this wiki.

C.Syde (talk | contribs)

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