Snouter Pig is a pig originally evolved by Doctor N. Gin with the assistance of Dingodile. It remains unknown how he ended up serving Doctor Nitrus Brio and Doctor Nefarious Tropy, although it is believed that he was captured and re-evolved by them, and brainwashed by Doctor N. Trance. Snouter is to say - crazy, insane and psychotic. He is not the cleverest of mutant henchmen but he is certainly not the stupidest. He has a rasp voice with a European accent.

Snouter is a gluttonous creature with sharp teeth and he may eat just about anything from grubs to scraps to mince pies. He doesn't appear to be very fond of exercise and his favourite pastime is taking a mud bath in a spa. While Snouter always remains loyal to Uka Uka, he may occasionally betray N. Brio from time to time for the sake of his previous master N. Gin, implying that any mind control N. Trance has put him under seems to be faulty at times.