You may have noticed that Sims of some life stages in The Sims 2 tend to walk more quickly than Sims of some other life stages. Well here is a list of each life stage in The Sims 2, and the order they are listed in is determined by how fast Sims of that life stage walk. They are listed from fastest to slowest.

Note that between all the different life stages of Sims from The Sims 2, there is a very small difference between how quickly most of them walk. Because of this, a Teenager will have to have walked for a certain distance before it becomes clear that they are walking more quickly than an Adult.

Placing: Life Stage: Description:
01) Teenager By default, teenage Sims walk slightly faster than adult Sims.
02) Young Adult This mod removes the slouchy walking animation from young adult Sims, making them walk ever so slightly faster than adult Sims, but ever so slightly slower than teenage Sims.
03) Adult By default, adult Sims walk slightly slower than teenage Sims.
04) Child By default, child Sims walk slower than adult Sims, but faster than elder Sims.
05) Elder By default, elder Sims walk slower than adult Sims. The difference is not huge, but you don't need to look very hard to notice that there is a difference.
06) Young Adult By default, young adult Sims walk ever so slightly slower than elder Sims, and noticeably slower than teenage and adult Sims. This is young adult Sims have a slouchy walking animation by default.

I was only thinking about normal life states, and life stages older than Child when I first tried this experiment. I have re-done the experiment, this time including the child life stage, so that I could add it to the list.

I am considering adding other life states in addition to life stages in the future.

Placing: Life Stage: Description:
TBA Toddler TBA

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