This is a list of all my fanon Sims that are officially part of my player stories for The Sims 2 and their official fitness levels. Enjoy! :)

Volume Four

Sim: Fitness Level: Body Shape:
Dylan Goth 5.0 Thin
Bella Goth II 5.0 Thin
Mortimer Goth II 5.0 Thin
Cornelia Goth II 5.0 Thin
Darleen Goth 5.0 Thin
Clovis Pleasant 5.0 Thin
Sarah Pleasant 5.0 Thin
Arian Pleasant 5.0 Thin
Stacen Edwards 0.0 Fit
Kate Edwards 0.0 Fit
Amin Edwards 2.0 Fit
Junior Broke 5.0 Thin
Stacey Edwards 5.0 Thin
Joseph Letourneau 5.0 Thin
Ryker Letourneau 5.0 Thin
Jaleb Letourneau 5.0 Thin
Robin King (Pleasantview) 5.0 Thin
Regina Tsvirkunov (Pleasantview) 5.0 Thin
Bunny Leishman 0.0 Fit
Andrew Parker 3.0 Fit
Holly Parker 2.0 Fit
Jestyn Leishman 0.0 Fit
Suzy Parker 0.0 Fit
Amber Leishman 5.0 Thin
Dhemosse Leishman 5.0 Thin
Kingston Starker 0.0 Fit
Rifle Starker 1.0 Fit
Tycho Curious 5.0 Thin
Dakota Curious 5.0 Thin
Dwight Specter 5.0 Thin
Xanton Beaker 5.0 Thin
Rusty Grunt 5.0 Thin
Ajay Loner 2.0 Fit
Galaxy Nine Asteroid 7.0 Fat
Alicia Loste 5.0 Thin
Phoenix Almassizadeh 5.0 Thin
Vasyl Clark 5.0 Thin
Jyeney Hourvitz 5.0 Thin
Phoenix Kalson 0.0 Fit
Renaud McGaw 0.0 Fit
Victor Gonzaga 8.0 Fat
Rodney Carr 5.0 Thin
Grace Nanale 0.0 Fit
Ella Capulet 0.0 Fit
Lexie Nanale (Veronaville) 5.0 Thin
Cody Capulet 0.0 Fit
Joanna Capulet 5.0 Thin
Magnus Monty 5.0 Thin
Antonia Capp 5.0 Thin
Stacey Monty 5.0 Thin
Abraham Summerdream 0.0 Fit
Justys Summerdream 5.0 Thin
Arcadia Roth 5.0 Thin
Hunter Reamon 5.0 Thin
Colby Riley 5.0 Thin
Jasmine Bui (Veronaville) 5.0 Thin
Tristen Tan (Veronaville) 5.0 Thin
Mehrissa Shankel 5.0 Thin
Evan Hanks 0.0 Fit
Euan Hanks 0.0 Fit
Chelsea Kody 0.0 Fit
Doctor Agent J. Triton 0.0 Fit
Messenger of Doom Triton 0.0 Fit
Batwoman Triton 4.0 Thin
Helena Triton 4.0 Thin
Gothic Agent Triton 0.0 Fit
Hermione Weasley 4.0 Thin
Ronald Weasley 0.0 Fit
Draco Malfoy 2.0 Fit
Harry Potter 3.5 Thin
Ginevra Potter 1.0 Fit
Johnathaniel Thompson 0.0 Fit
Pirithous Thompson 0.0 Fit
Ratermann Thompson 4.0 Thin
Anonymous1 0.0 Fit
Anonymous2 0.0 Fit
Anonymous3 0.0 Fit
Anonymous4 0.0 Fit
Anonymous5 0.0 Fit
Anonymous6 0.0 Fit
Anonymous7 5.0 Thin
Anonymous8 5.0 Thin
Anonymous9 5.0 Thin
Anonymous10 5.0 Thin
Anonymous11 5.0 Thin
Anonymous12 5.0 Thin
Anonymous13 5.0 Thin
Suzanne Toyonaga 4.0 Thin
Lathaniel Toyonaga 7.0 Fat
Hula Zombie (Washdowncreek) 0.0 Fit
Andreus Thorburn 0.0 Fit
Bhavesh Rycroft 0.0 Fit
Gervase Goulthorpe 4.0 Thin
Violetta Ackerman 4.0 Thin
Daphne Warrior 0.0 Fit
Haydon Bentson 1.0 Fit
Makayla Whittaker 2.0 Fit
Margaret Hitchcock 1.0 Fit
Janelle Knight 3.0 Fit
Kayla Roberts 3.0 Fit
Devon Warrior 0.0 Fit
Travis Ackerman 5.0 Thin


  • Phoenix Almassizadeh is my replica of the Four Corners townie of the same name.
  • The Sims labelled as "Anonymous" do have names. I just haven't revealed them, due to personal identity reasons. With the passage of time, I might eventually reveal their names but only time will tell.
  • Ironically despite being the laziest of my Sim adaptions of Harry Potter characters, Ronald Weasley is the only one with top fitness. He is also the only one to start off with any body points, starting off with 3 body points. I gave Ronald Weasley some body points at the beginning, as a shout out to the times where he and Draco Malfoy got into fights. Since Draco was described to have come off worse, I decided to give Ron some body points, to give him a slight advantage, should those two ever get into a fight during gameplay.
  • Ironically despite being the most active of my Sim adaptions of Harry Potter characters - having a total of 10 active points - Hermione Weasley (née Granger) has the lowest level of fitness.

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