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Two of the default Maxis face templates in Create a Sim, the 21st face template "Archcper" and the 25th face template "Archcsla", are not linked correctly to any life stages other than adult or young adult. Instead they are linked to the 2nd face template "Archbase". Sims created using these templates may have very different features when they age up, and may pass this "brokenness" on to their descendants.[1] There's a mod that can fix this, but it will not affect existing Sims who use those templates.

Unlike the default versions of the 21st and 25th adult templates which are always linked the 2nd template for other ages, there are alternate versions of the 25th template which exist in the CAS Sim bin that are linked to different face templates for other ages. A version of the 25th template is used by an adult female with light skin from the CAS Sim bin which is linked to the 26th template "Archeelf" for other ages. Another version of the 25th template is used by an adult male with light skin from the CAS Sim bin, which is linked to the 23rd template "Archcpla".

The elder versions of the face templates are slightly different from the adult versions, though there is more than just a slight difference between the adult and elder female versions of the 2nd face. There's a mod that replaces the default 2nd face template for elder females, with the adult female version. However this mod does not change the faces of elder females already born in game.

The alien face template "Archalien" can not be accessed in normal Create a Sim, but there is a mod that will make it accessible. The hidden alien face template also has a difference between some life stages. The alien ears resemble the ones from the 4th template "Archemed", when used on toddlers, and male teens.


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