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This page is solely intended to feature humourous jokes, and questions and answers, upon some of my past experiences, or just humourous jokes which I composed myself! :)

A list of humourous jokes, and questions and answers, upon some of my past experiences, or just humourous jokes which I composed myself.


Random and Interesting Questions and Answers

An Easter Bunny's Favourite Direction

  • Question: What is an Easter Bunny's Favourite Direction?
  • Answer: East!

Sheep Playing Rugby

  • Question: Ever seen sheep play rugby?
  • Answer: No but when lots of sheep baa together, it sounds almost like a rugby match!

Cow Plants based off Venus Fly Traps

  • Question: Are cow plants based off Venus Fly Traps?
  • Answer: No idea!

What do I see in the moon

  • Question: What do you see in the moon?
  • Answer: The moon looks as though it has a realistic cat-face.

Cats prefer Bicycles or Lawn Mowers

  • Question: If a cat had to choose between the presence of a bicycle or a lawn mower, what would they choose?
  • Answer: A cat would prefer to be in the presence of a bicycle, because if they can count on the person on the bicycle, they will know that the person will ride by them, not over them. Lawn mowers on the other hand are too noisy for the cat, regardless of the person controlling it.

Random Knock Knock Jokes

Knock, knock!

  • Who's there?
  • Santa Claus
  • Santa Claus who?
  • Santa Claustrophobia!

Knock, knock!

  • Who's there?
  • Walter
  • Walter who?
  • Walter's leaking out of my drink bottle!

Knock, knock!

  • Who's there?
  • Justin
  • Justin who?
  • Justin Time!

Knock, knock!

  • Who's there?
  • Easter
  • Easter who?
  • Easter Bunny!

Don't fall for these pranks even though they're harmless

Click these links, if you DARE!!!

(No seriously, I want no one with the following user rights to click the last one - Rollback, Content Moderator, Assistant, Administrator, Volunteer Spam Task Force, Wikia Helper, Wikia Staff)

Retired Pranks

  • was retired as a prank because the site is currently offline. It wasn't really a prank, just a bit of humour. was retired because it actually was considered harmful to some, and I didn't get to keep the link on this page for even a day due to spam filter protections, which is kinda lucky since I didn't really want anyone to fall victim to anything that they would consider harmful. I read that the site can be harmful to phones.

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