This is a gallery showing all the different destinations found in The Magic School Bus: World of Animals. It also shows all the misplaced animals that are in the wrong habitats.

Pictures of all the different destinations without any misplaced animals

North American Sonoran Desert - No Misplaced Animals North American Swamp - No Misplaced Animals Brazilian Tropical Rainforest - No Misplaced Animals African Savanna - No Misplaced Animals

Circumpolar Arctic Tundra - No Misplaced Animals Circumpolar Arctic Ocean - No Misplaced Animals Himalayan Mountains - No Misplaced Animals South Pacific Island Reef - No Misplaced Animals

South Pacific Ocean - No Misplaced Animals

Now see if you can spot any animals in these pictures which are in the wrong habitat

North American Sonoran Desert - Misplaced Alligator North American Swamp - Misplaced Blue Crowned Lorikeet Brazilian Tropical Rainforest - Misplaced Caribou African Savanna - Misplaced Jaguar

Circumpolar Arctic Tundra - Misplaced Peccary Circumpolar Arctic Ocean - Misplaced Catfish Himalayan Mountains - Misplaced Giraffe South Pacific Island Reef - Misplaced Toucan

South Pacific Ocean - Misplaced Walrus North American Sonoran Desert - Misplaced Sea Snake North American Swamp - Misplaced Kangaroo Rat Brazilian Tropical Rainforest - Misplaced Lion

Brazilian Tropical Rainforest - Misplaced Panda African Savanna - Misplaced Snub Nosed Monkey Circumpolar Arctic Tundra - Misplaced Sea Turtle Himalayan Mountains - Misplaced Polar Bear

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