Loxy Fox is a fox evolved by Doctor Neo Cortex and / or Doctor Nitrus Brio as early as 2004, though his creation wasn't officially complete until late 2011. Alongside Doctor Nefarious Tropy, Doctor N. Trance, Enrapture Keeshond, and Snouter Pig; Doctor Nitrus Brio's army was complete. Out of N. Brio's new henchmen, Loxy is certainly the least loyal.

He has a strong British accent and a cunning personality. Loxy is shown to have positive and negative sides to his character. He is not above betraying N. Brio for his own gains but he will always remain on Uka Uka's side, nonetheless. Loxy is sometimes armed with an axe which can be used as a boomerang. His middle name is Ox.