This is a list of the various namespaces on C.Syde's Wiki and their namespace number. Note that not all of these namespaces are enabled on all wikis, a couple of which were added to C.Syde's Wiki on request.

An API query can be used to list all the namespaces on a community, including custom namespaces. To do so, replace 'NAME' in the following URL with your community's:


For example, C.Syde's Wiki's list.

List of Namespaces on C.Syde's Wiki:

Namespace: Namespace Index: Notes:
Media -2
Special -1 Special pages on the wiki
Main 0 Main namespace for regular wiki articles
Talk 1 Discussion pages for regular wiki articles
User 2
User talk 3
Project 4 Uses the wiki's sitename
Project talk 5
File 6
File talk 7
MediaWiki 8
MediaWiki talk 9
Template 10
Template talk 11
Help 12
Help talk 13
Category 14
Category talk 15
Forum 110 See Wiki-style forums
Forum talk 111
Fanon 112
Fanon talk 113
Layer 420 See Maps Extension
Layer talk 421
User blog 500 See Blogs
User blog comment 501
Blog 502
Blog talk 503
Module 828 See Lua
Module talk 829
Related Videos 1100 See Videos module
Message wall 1200 See Message Wall
Thread 1201 Used by both Message Walls and Forums
Message Wall Greeting 1202 See Message Wall
Board 2000 See Forum
Board Thread 2001 See Forum
Topic 2002 See Forum