For more than nine years now, I have noticed some physical similarities and differences between John Lennon, and Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. Since I recently got into my fixation between comparing the two of them again, I thought that I'd write a page about it.

We'll start with a gallery because I feel that it'll be better than to cut to the context, because then I'd have to go back and do the gallery later. But then again I still have to write the context afterwards. So I lose either way here! :P

Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe

John Lennon


Okay, so now that we've seen the galleries, I'm now free to explain where the inspiration for creating this page started out. In late 2007, I saw pictures of John Lennon wearing round glasses and I noticed that they looked almost if not identical to the glasses Daniel Radcliffe wore while he was cast as Harry Potter.

Up until recently, I had a feeling that John's glasses were lighter than Harry's. As it turns out, they are indeed lighter. But it wasn't until recently, when I read a comment about John's glasses not being black, that I knew what the definite difference between their glasses was. John's glasses are lighter and golden, whereas Harry's glasses are darker and metallic black.


  • Both of them wore round glasses at one time.
  • Both don't have particularly round or stocky faces.
  • Their hairstyles were similar at certain points.
  • They are both British.
  • They both sing most of their songs in a tenor register.
  • Both of them have slim builds.
  • Both of them have fair skin.


John Lennon

  • The glasses he usually wore in the late 60's to early 70's were golden.
  • His chin is wider than Harry's chin.
  • His face is longer than Harry's face.
  • His eyes are brown whereas Harry's eyes are green.
  • His nose is larger and more beak shaped. The bridge curves outwards more.
  • He is taller than Harry, being approximately 1.79 metres tall.
  • His hair was light to medium brown.
  • He often had sideburns, whereas Harry did not.
  • He is a musician who's musical style notably consisted of rock and roll, pop rock, and experimental rock.
  • Although he did sing the bulk of his songs in a tenor register, he wasn't a natural tenor, as his timbre and tessitura lied within the baritone range. Thus, he had trouble reaching the high notes of the tenor range without straining his voice.

Harry Potter

  • His glasses are metallic black.
  • His chin is narrower than John's chin.
  • His face is shorter and slightly rounder than John's face.
  • His eyes are green whereas John's eyes are brown. His actor, Daniel however has blue eyes instead of green.
  • His nose is smaller and not as beak shaped. The bridge doesn't curve outward as much, so the nose is straighter.
  • He is shorter than John, his actor being around 1.65 metres tall.
  • His hair is jet-black, though his actor has dark brown hair that's almost black.
  • He didn't have sideburns, like John often did.
  • His actor is more into rap music than rock and roll music. His actor also isn't a musician, but does a bit of rapping.
  • His actor has a higher register and voice than John did.