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Food Judge is one of the pre-made food judges from The Sims 2: FreeTime. Like all food judges, she can't be interacted with. As a result, she can't be made playable without cheats. Food Judge has 27 personality points, instead of the usual 25. She has the same facial structure as Kaylynn Langerak.

She can easily be cloned in Create a Sim with debugging mode on. Even though Food Judge is wearing a black halter top in her head-shot, like all food judges, she wears a uniform in-game with a rosette on it. Food Judge's pre-destined hobby is Cuisine.

Unusually for a pre-made NPC, she has pre-set relationships with two hobby instructors, and a fellow food judge. This is even more unusual considering that Food Judges can not be interacted with.

Do NOT attempt to add Food Judge to a household, make her selectable, or tamper with her in any way or form. Doing so will corrupt the neighbourhood she is in.


Image Name Relationship level
Warren Owens Warren Owens Just Met
Todd Gergis Todd Gergis Just Met
Food Judge 1 Food Judge Just Met

Taurus - Big
Sloppy 09 Neat
Shy 04 Outgoing
Lazy 04 Active
Serious 04 Playful
Grouchy 06 Nice
Sign / personality mismatch
A Sim with this personality would normally be a Virgo.
Info information icon
Genetic personality
Food Judge's genetic personality is that of a standard Maxis Taurus: 5 neat, 5 outgoing, 3 active, 8 playful, 4 nice.

Image Interest Level
Environment interestEnvironment07
Food interestFood07
Weather interestWeather02
Culture interestCulture08
Money interestMoney08
Politics interestPolitics04
Paranormal interestParanormal03
Health interestHealth01
Fashion interestFashion07
Travel interestTravel06
Crime interestCrime03
Sports interestSports01
Entertainment interestEntertainment00
Animals interestAnimals04
Work interestWork08
School interestSchool04
Toys interestToys04
Sci-Fi interestSci-Fi04