This page was exported from the Fairest Wiki (which is now closed). This was a fantasy story started by Taylor Halliwell and me, based on an original concept by Taylor Halliwell. The concept was abandoned by Taylor Halliwell shortly after it's creation, and although I have contributed a few lines since, the concept of the story remains largely abandoned. So please don't be disappointed by the lack of context.

The concept of the story is largely abandoned, and is unlikely to be continued as Taylor Halliwell has abandoned both the story and the concept she created, while my interest in contributing to the story as a whole has been very lax, as I have always been very prolific as a solo writer, but not so prolific as a co-writer. Please enjoy the context of the unfinished story without asking the authors to continue writing it. Thanks.

For those of you who are wondering, the characters of the story are Curt and his younger brother Roland. They are the sons of Robert and Anna. All four of these characters were created by Taylor Halliwell. The first four lines were also written by Taylor Halliwell. I can't remember who wrote the fifth line, but I definitely contributed the lines after that, including any lines that may be added to this story in future if it doesn't get totally abandoned first. I also changed a couple of words in the first and second lines.

Untitled Fantasy Story

The castle was incredibly quiet that night, except for a young boy's cries of pain.
His older brother, Curt, heard the cries and ran to him.
"Roland, what's happening?" he asked.
"I'm being tortured" Roland replied.
"No you're not" said Curt.
"Yes I am" Roland cried out. "I'm not lying".
"But how?" asked Curt in alarm. "I don't see any injuries!"
"That's because I'm being tortured on the inside!" screamed Roland.
"I don't understand how you're being tortured" said Curt.
"I'm being mentally tortured!" exclaimed Roland.