Each of the playable characters are divided into three levels when they appear in the mini game as an opponent in arcade mode. Their difficulties listed below are based on their speeds. This is completely different from playing as the following characters, this is just how easy or difficult they are to catch, when they appear as your opponents.

Cars: Mater-National Championship Arcade Mode Opponents and Catching Difficulties:

Character: Difficulty:
Lightning McQueen Pro
Tow Mater Pro
Doc Hudson Champion
Ramone Rookie
Flo Pro
Sarge Champion
Fillmore Pro
Luigi Pro
Gudmund Pro
Otto von Fassenbottom Pro
Kojimoto Rookie
Giovanni Rookie
Emma Champion


  • It is not recommended to immediately use boost when the go button appears. Wait a couple of seconds for your acceleration to kick in, and then use boost, and you'll get a bigger boost, which will allow you to catch up to your opponent more quickly.
  • Depending on the PC the player uses to play the game, they may find all the characters just as easy or difficult to catch. On older and slower PCs, players are more likely to experience these differences in how fast each opponent goes.