The Cherigon (also sometimes referred to as the Lopsided Cherigon, is a fictional shape created by C.Syde65 at some point in early 2010.

The inspiration for this fictional shape came from the tear auto-shape which was introduced in Microsoft Excel 2007 and Microsoft Power Point 2007. I edited the tear auto-shape to create the shape that became known to me as the Cherigon, or Lopsided Cherigon.

Another primary source for inspiration came from a hairstyle which is known to some as a helmet hairstyle, which is sort of similar to a bowl cut. The main difference between a bowl cut and a helmet cut is that with a bowl cut, the hairstyle can be achieved by sticking a bowl on the top of your head and cutting right around it, making the hair on the sides and back from the ears down shorter than the hair on top.

With a helmet cut, the hair on the sides cover most or all of the ears. And unlike a bowl cut, the hair on the sides and back are longer, though not as long as the hair on top. If your hair is straight and longer on the top but not quite long enough for it to stop growing upward and sideways and start to grow down, while the sides and back of your hair is a few centimeters long, then when your hair grows longer, depending on your hair, it may grow into a helmet cut by about four or five months.

Bowl cuts and helmet cuts are not so different from mop tops, in-fact they can be considered to be types of mop tops.