The Gothic Hall of Fame is for all the shapes of the Gothic Universe of Shapes who have merited praise from their creator, and have gained recognition for being the best shapes of the series. The Gothic Universe of Shapes Series is just a series of shapes which I made for fun!

This hall of fame is now officially complete.

Yin Yang (GUOS65001) Eight Ball with Cylindrical Reservoir (GUOS65002) Spiky Land Mine (GUOS65010) Pyramid (GUOS65014) Flat Top Tech (GUOS65019) Saddle Top Tech (GUOS65021) Sphere Tech (GUOS65023) Pie Chart (GUOS65037) Deathly Hallows Symbol (GUOS65038) Poison Apple (GUOS65041)
Kysheni Dzhynsiv (кишені джинсів) (GUOS65042) Navigation Control (GUOS65043) Golden Locket (GUOS65044) Lava Lamp (GUOS65052) Cold Steel Boomerang (GUOS65053) Death Stick (GUOS65054) Frozen Heart (GUOS65055) Death Flower (GUOS65061) Torch of Darkness (GUOS65063)
Halloween Pumpkin (GUOS65077) Firework Demon (GUOS65081) Crystal Sphere (GUOS65082) Canon Bomb (GUOS65086) Shattered Wine Glass (GUOS65090) Poison Berry (GUOS65091) Toffee Apple (GUOS65092) Electric Sphere (GUOS65094)
Ferris Wheel (GUOS65095) Turkish Delight Box (GUOS65098) Acid Drop (GUOS65100) Turntable (GUOS65116) Maple Slingshot (GUOS65119) Sword (GUOS65121) Gear (GUOS65122)
Fidget Spinner (GUOS65123) Pinwheel (GUOS65126) Yo-Yo (GUOS65127) Lasso (GUOS65128) Kettle Weight (GUOS65137) Pokémon Ball (GUOS65138) Morpho Hematite Copper and Brass Earring (GUOS65140) Rubik's Cube (GUOS65144)

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