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Administrators, Assistants, and Content Moderators on C.Syde's Wiki can protect and unprotect pages. Protection of a page or image means that a non-administrator cannot modify it. Administrators, Assistants, and Content Moderators can also semi-protect a page, which prevents unregistered users and new users from editing it, but allows auto-confirmed users to edit it.

Almost all pages on C.Syde's Wiki are protected or semi-protected. Pages may, however, be temporarily or permanently unprotected for various reasons.

Uses of full protection

  • Protecting the wiki's policy pages from vandalism.
  • Preventing vandalism to templates used on a significant number of pages.
  • Maintaining the integrity of the site's logo and favicon.
  • Maintaining the integrity of key copyright and license pages.
  • Protecting pages inside the help namespace.
  • Protecting individual pages that have been repeatedly or severely vandalised by numerous registered users.
  • Protecting user pages and user talk pages belonging to users that are indefinitely blocked, and are ineligible to be unblocked.
  • Protecting user pages and user talk pages from vandalism, or harassment. (Full protection of user talk pages should be temporary).
  • Protecting user pages and user talk pages belonging to users whose accounts are globally disabled.

Uses of semi-protection

  • Protecting the main page and templates used on the main page.
  • Protecting complex or widely-used templates from edits by inexperienced users.
  • Protecting pages inside the main namespace.
  • Protecting pages inside the project namespace.
  • Protecting pages inside the fanon namespace.
  • Protecting pages inside the talk namespace.

Cases when protection is not used

The application of page protection or semi-protection typically falls to the administrators, assistants, and content moderators. However, there are some instances where page protection should not be used. Page protection should not generally be used to:

  • Prevent edits to talk pages. Talk pages should remain open to all edits, especially if the parent article is locked.
  • Fully protect pages that do not have a history of vandalism, unless there are other valid reasons for fully protecting the said pages.
  • Fully protect a particular version of a page that an administrator, assistant, or content moderator prefers or feels is valid, over other possibly valid versions.
  • Fully protect user pages, especially user pages of users that don't have administrator, assistant, or content moderator status. There may be some exceptions, but they should be kept to a minimum.

What to do if a page is protected?

Editors wishing to edit a protected page may suggest edits through that page's talk page. If an editor is unsure of why a particular article is protected, they may ask a member of the administrative team, preferably the person who issued the protection in the first place. If an editor cannot determine the reason why a page was protected or believes a page should be unprotected, they can propose page unprotection on the administrators' noticeboard.

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