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The administrators' dashboard is a centralised space that highlights the most important tools used by administrators. The special pages are built into it to make the administrators' dashboard the go-to place for administrators to easily tweak and monitor their wiki.

Because only administrators and discussion moderators are able to view the dashboard, there may be some debate as to whether a replica should be included as part of the community portal navigation. But because it is just a replica of the Special:AdminDashboard, and it is not the dashboard itself, it doesn't really seem to matter.

By default, the admin dashboard does not have a JavaScript button. This wiki uses imported JavaScript from the Wikia Developers Wiki which adds the custom JavaScript button to the admin dashboard on C.Syde's Wiki.

Administrators' dashboard

Maintenance reports

Broken re-directs
Dead-end pages
Double redirects
Long pages
Oldest pages
Orphaned pages
Pages with the fewest revisions
Pages without images
Pages without language links
Protected pages
Protected titles
Short pages
Tags report
Uncategorised categories
Uncategorised files
Uncategorised pages
Uncategorised templates
Unused categories
Unused files
Unused templates
Unused videos
Unwatched pages [1]
Wanted categories
Wanted files
Wanted pages
Wanted templates

Lists of pages

All pages
All pages with prefix
Categories list
Category tree
Pages linking to disambiguation pages
Redirects list

Users and rights

Block user [2]
Blocked users
Change a user's name [3]
Change e-mail address [3]
Deleted contributions [4]
Edit count
List global users
Preferences [3]
Unblock user [2]
User group rights
Users list
modify rights [2]

Recent changes and logs

New pages
Recent changes
Related changes
Targeted pages [3]
Valid change tags
Watchlist [3]

Media reports and uploads

Duplicate images search
File list
File path
MIME search
Upload image [3]
Upload multiple files [3]

Wiki data and tools

System messages

Re-directing special pages

External links search
Random Page
Random re-direct

High use pages

Most linked-to categories
Most linked-to images
Most linked-to pages
Most linked-to templates
Most popular categories
Pages with the most categories
Pages with the most revisions

Page tools

Compare pages
Create a new page
Export pages
Restore deleted pages [4]
Mass delete [5]
What links here

Sign in / Sign up

Sign out

Wikia pages

Close My Account [3]
Contact Wikia Staff
Create blog [3]
Create blog listing [3]
Download Your Data [3]
Infobox Builder
Partner feed


Map editor

Other special pages

Book sources
Most linked-to files in content namespaces
Random page in category
Wiki Features [3]

Accessing the dashboard

The administrators' dashboard is available on all wikis a user has founded, or are an administrator on.

It can be found by clicking on "Administrator" in the universal Toolbar at the bottom of the screen, or by visiting Special:AdminDashboard.

How it works

Important administrator tools that are often used live on the "General" tab. The following links point to the help pages for each function.

Theme Designer - quickly and easily give the wiki a theme.
Recent Changes - track the latest community activity.
Top Navigation - update the wiki's navigation bar.
Wiki Features - turn special features on and off.
Promote - promote the wiki so it will appear on the Wikia homepage on mobile apps.
CSS - allows advanced theme customisation.
JavaScript - allows advanced code scripting.
User List - see a list of users on the wiki.
User Rights - give (and remove) special rights from members of the community.
Community Corner.
Help - get straight to Wikia's help pages.
All Categories - see a list of all the categories on the wiki.
Add a Page, Add an Image, Add a Blog Post - quickly add content to the wiki.
Multiple Image Upload - need to upload a lot of images at once? Use this!

The "Advanced" tab is home to the rest of the special pages on the wiki, normally found on Special:SpecialPages. (If you visit a wiki that you are not an administrator of you will see Special:SpecialPages in a more basic format.)

Quick Stats

Quick Stats lives on the right side of the administrators' dashboard. Here administrators can monitor the wiki's recent statistics. It shows page views, edits, and image uploads for the past seven days.


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