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Top Speeds

Although I don't really like the Thomas and Friends series anymore as a whole, due to being grown up, I still have happy memories of when I was still into the series. And I still like the engine prototypes the characters are based on.

In addition to the many characters of Thomas and Friends that I was fascinated by, one of my childhood hobbies was creating lots of my own fictional engine characters. Although most of them were one time appearance characters.

I made a story about them or I drew them, but that was it. A lot of them were forgotten over the years as a result. However I still have some scrapbooks of some of them, or copies of stories about them, so some of them are still remembered, even if they only made one appearance.

But here's a list of my "inner circle" of fictional engine characters, their basis's, when they were built, and how fast they have been reported to go. Some of these engine characters I created as a child, and some of them I created when I had already officially grown out of Thomas and Friends but wanted to reawaken the happy memories and times that I had enjoyed as a child.

I discovered the Fletcher Jennings Class C, LB&SCR E2 Class, LMS Fowler Class 3F, LNER Class A4, Bagnall 0-4-0ST, Midlander 4wDM, Hunslet Austerity, British Rail Class 08, BR Class 42 "Warship", and British Rail Class 17 because certain engines of Thomas and Friends - Skarloey, Thomas, Jinty, Spencer, Bill and Ben, Rusty, Wilbert, Diesel, 'Arry and Bert, and Splatter and Dodge, Diesel 10, and Derek - are based on these classes.

Although I have officially grown out of Thomas and Friends, I still haven't completely abandoned it permanently. This is partly due to my interest in characters, and my interest in locomotives. The rest of the classes that are featured here I discovered in 2010 while reading through this book of locomotives, with the exception of the Minerva Kerr Stuart "Victory" 0-6-0T, BR Class 03, and BR Class 20 which I discovered sometime in 2017. Enjoy! :D

List of Fictional Engine Characters and their Top Speeds

Character: Class: Built: Configuration: Top Speed: Introduced:
Honny Minerva Kerr Stuart "Victory" 0-6-0T 1917 0-6-0T 2002
Ponny Minerva Kerr Stuart "Victory" 0-6-0T 1917 0-6-0T 2002
Wilbur LMS 3F "Jinty", with an additional dome 1928 0-6-0T 60 miles per hour /
97 kilometres per hour [1]
April 2004
Tenny BR Class 20, originally BR Class 17 Between 1962 and 1965 Bo-Bo
75 miles per hour / 121 kilometres per hour (rebuild), originally 60 miles per hour / 97 kilometres per hour
January 2005
Elliot LB&SCR E2, with giesl
funnel and belpaire firebox
June 1913, rebuilt
circa. 2005
90 miles per hour (rebuild), originally 30-40 miles per hour
September 2005
Metey Barnett BR Class 37 Between 1960 and 1965 Co+Co 90 miles per hour /
140 kilometres per hour
January 2006
Andrew 1864, rebuilt 1937, circa. 2011 0-6-0ST, originally 0-4-0ST, previously 0-4-2ST 60 miles per hour /
97 kilometres per hour (rebuild)
January 2007
Iron Kelvin BR Class 08 Between 1952 and 1962 0-6-0DE 20 miles per hour /
32 kilometres per hour
October 2008
Iron Wyngryk BR Class 08 Between 1952 and 1962 0-6-0DE 20 miles per hour /
32 kilometres per hour
May 2010
Killeroid BR Class 42 "Warship" 8th February 1961 Bo-Bo 90 miles per hour /
145 kilometres per hour
May 2010
Leander[2] LMS Jubilee Leander March 1936 4-6-0 75 miles per hour May 2010
Letryko Eurostar BR Class 373 Between 1992 and 1996 208.0 miles per hour /
334.7 kilometres per hour
May 2010
Lumbrial Highland Railway Jones Goods 1894 4-6-0 55-60 miles per hour May 2010
Ross BR Class 03, originally Midlander 4wDM 1941 0-6-0DE, originally 4wDM 28.5 miles per hour /
45.9 kilometres per hour (rebuild)
June 2010
Prince LMS Princess Royal July 1933 4-6-2 114 miles per hour October 2011
Mallaroy LNER A4 Pacific September 1935 4-6-2 126.4 miles per hour /
203.4 kilometres per hour
October 2011
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 2–8–2 'Mikado' Type December 1916 2-8-2 October 2011
Stafford North Stafford [M] 1923 0-6-2T October 2011


  1. This is how fast Wilbur is known to be capable of going. It is unknown if other engines of his basis are capable of reaching the same speed. If so, then this may or may not be the fastest speed Wilbur can reach. It all depends on how fast his basis in real life can go.
  2. Leander is actually named after me, but because I don't wish to reveal what my name is in real life, he is referred to on the internet as Leander because of the type of locomotive he is based on, and so it makes a suitable alias to use for him.

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