This is a list of notable B-Damans from the first season of Battle B-Daman and their owners. Enjoy!

B-Daman: Owner: Type: System:
Cobalt Blade Yamato Delgado Power Zero System
Chrome Zephyr Grey Michael Vincent Control/Rapid Fire Zero System
Wing Ninja Terry McScotty Control Zero System
Helio Breaker Bull Borgnine Power Zero System
Garnet Wind Liena Grace Vincent Control Zero System
Lightning Kahn Enjyu Power Zero System
Bakuso Wen Yong Fa Accuracy Zero System
Rekuso Li Yong Fa Rapid Fire Zero System
Knight Cavalry Cain McDonnell Control Zero System
Dragogale Joshua Accuracy/Rapid Fire Zero System
Samurai Phoenix Joe Tetsunosuke Power Zero System
Shield Giga Sly Accuracy/Balance Zero System
Accel Leon Assado Rapid Fire/Control Zero System
Proto One Berkhart Accuracy/Rapid Fire Zero System
Scope General Sigma Accuracy Zero System
Black Knight Cain McDonnell Control/Direct Hit Battle Zero System
Cobalt Saber Yamato Delgado Power Blaster Core System
Chrome Raven Grey Michael Vincent Control/Rapid Fire Blaster Core System
Wing Sword Terry McScotty Control Blaster Core System
Blazing Kahn Enjyu Accuracy/Power Blaster Core System
King Bakuso Wen Yong Fa Accuracy Blaster Core System
Rekuso Li Yong Fa Rapid Fire/Accuracy Blaster Core System
Lord Cavalry Cain McDonnell Henkakyū Blaster Core System
Mega Diabros Biarce Direct Hit Battle Blaster Core System

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