The Account Navigation is a script which was previously used on The Sims Wiki until late 2016. It is unknown who the original creator of the script is, as the script has been adapted by various users on various wikis. The script has not officially been published on the Wikia Developers Wiki or any wikis officially, but it is one of the first scripts to be used on C.Syde's Wiki, having been a site-wide extension since December 2014. This version of the script adds the following links to your account navigation drop-down:

Site-wide System for Non-Site-wide Features on C.Syde's Wiki

Sadly the script had to be removed site-wide in June 2017, due to customisation policy restrictions, so it has to be added to your wikia.js, for those of you who benefited from site-wide use of this script, and/or want to continue using it for this wiki, after permitted site-wide use of the script was sadly withdrawn. To enable the script, you must add the following to your wikia.js page:

C.Syde's Wiki Account Navigation Links

An example of what the account navigation drop-down of C.Syde's Wiki looks like with the contributions, watchlist, and targeted pages links added, and with C.Syde's Wiki-Navigation CSS added.

// <nowiki>
//Add extra AccountNav options
;(function() {
    if (navLinks) return;
    var user = mw.util.wikiUrlencode(mw.config.get('wgUserName')),
        links = {
        contribs: {
            text: 'My Contributions',
            url: '/wiki/Special:Mycontributions'
        blogs: {
            text: 'My Blogs',
            url: '/wiki/User_blog:' + user
        watchlist: {
            text: 'My Watchlist',
            url: '/wiki/Special:Watchlist'
        followed: {
            text: 'My Followed Pages',
            url: '/wiki/Special:Following'
        html = '',
        navLinks = true;
    for (var i in links) {
        html += '<li><a href="' + links[i].url + '" class="wds-global-navigation__dropdown-link">' + links[i].text + '</a></li>';
    document.querySelector('.wds-global-navigation__user-menu .wds-list > li:nth-child(2)').insertAdjacentHTML('afterEnd', html);
// </nowiki>